Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015 -- Week #16 - Day #109 - San Pedro Sula

June 5, 2015

7:50 am
Guess what I made for breakfast? French toast! It was a little different than normal since we don't have any cinnamon or vanilla or powdered sugar, so I just made it with milk, egg, bread, and dotted some canned frosting on top, actually turned out pretty good. On to study time!
My French Toast!

9:05 pm
Today was interesting, lots of emotional ups and downs. Most of our visits ended up being with less-active members of the Church. It just made me so sad that these are wonderful, good people that in one way or another, got lost. Most of them don't want to come back until they get their lives back in order, but now is actually the time they need to come to church the most, and they don't understand that. Hna Robles was explaining that a lot of the time people fall away is because of pride, whether they have too much of it or it was hurt in the past somehow.

And it rained this evening, started at 7:00 pm and is still continuing, so that's pretty neat, it's gonna be very humid tomorrow, which is not quite so neat. I like the sound of rain, especially at night.

And this morning we bought a broom! A beautiful, red, fluffy, brand new broom!  So we don't have to use our little piddly half-broom anymore to sweep our house.  We're ecstatic.
Our beautiful new broom!
I used it for the first time today to clean
our floors, worked quite nicely!
And it's pretty funny how the promise of "the Lord will place people in your path to hear the Gospel" is fulfilled... there are literally people sitting in the curbs and at the corners as we're walking around that we can contact. So the finding people part is easy, just gotta go talk to them and get a date to return and an address to return to.  And sometimes, we can't find them again, and sometimes we do. But at least we did our part and presented the opportunity and offered the invitation. Keep on keeping on.

Side note on the French toast happening of this morning, the fun thing in Honduras is that you have to wash everything before you eat it, so I got to wash my eggs before cracking and using them.  It's kinda fun to wash a eggs, just be careful you don't drop them!

And we bought some treats to gift David with as his birthday was yesterday, so now I have 1 lempira.  I think we'll wait until Monday when I can withdraw my money and pay back Hna Robles (I owe her about 800 lemps now).  The prophet's counsel is to be debt-free, right?

So today was good, another day in the land of Honduras.  We're ticking down the days to the last couple of weeks in this cambio [companion change / transfer], crazy!

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