Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015 -- Week #18 - Day #126 - San Pedro Sula

June 22, 2015
Alright, since I'm pretty much caught up on journaling, figured I'd take a moment and share some more spiritually uplifting things that I ran across this past week in personal study:

June 13, 2015
Jesus the Christ, chapter 16
In reference to the Apostles: "They were as children to be trained and taught, but they were mostly willing pupils, receptive of soul, and imbued with a sincere eagerness to serve. To Jesus they were His little ones, His children, His servants, and His friends, as they merited."

"The Master chose them; they did not choose themselves, by Him they were ordained, and they would in consequence rely the more implicitly upon His guidance and support."

The word "apostle" in Greek is "apostolos", or "one who is sent"

June 14, 2015
Talk in Sacrament Meeting about self-sufficiency:
"When Nephi had to build the boat for his family, though the Lord showed him how to do it, Nephi still had to have the knowledge of how to make the tools and have the strength to actually work the timbers and build the boat. Nephi had talents and knowledge, and the Lord helped him to exercise these gifts in their fullness, and create something great and marvelous (not sure how to spell that in English) that man couldn't have done alone."

Visiting Teaching Message from the April 2014 Liahona:
"I have come to realize that I am like an old 20-dollar bill: crumpled, torn, dirty, abused, and scarred. But...I am still worth the full 20 dollars."

June 15, 2015
Jesus the Christ, chapter 17
"Plainly, however, man cannot become perfect in mortality in the sense in which God is perfect as a supremely glorified Being."

"It is possible, though, for man to be perfect in his sphere in a sense analogous to that in which superior intelligences are perfect in their several spheres; yet the relative perfection of the lower is infinitely inferior to that of the higher."

"A college student in his freshman or sophomore year may be perfect as freshman or sophomore:  his record may possibly be a hundred per cent on the scale of efficiency and acheivement:  yet the honor of the upper classman are beyond him, and the attainment of graduation is to him remote, but of assured possibility if he do but continue faithful and devoted to the end."

June 2015 Liahona 
"Fishers of Men" - Elder Scott D. Whiting (talks about the role of leaders in the Church and how that is the meaning of being "fishers of men")

June 16, 2015
"You and I will rejoice in His coming and thank the Lord that He sent us to earth at this time to fulfill our sacred duty of helping prepare the world for His return." -Elder Neil L. Andersen

In reference to using the Book of Mormon in our teaching: "The people already know the Bible to be true. They are ready for something even better." -District Meeting

June 17, 2015
"God does not begin by asking us about our ability, only our availability. And if we then prove our dependability, He will increase our capability." -Elder Neal A. Maxwell

June 18, 2015
I love the words of this Primary song, as it is exactly how we teach our investigators how to pray. And also how we should continue to pray....take a minute and read and the words out loud to yourself and think about how wonderfully simple and powerful prayer is.

I kneel to pray, everyday
to speak to Heavenly Father.
He hears and answers me
when I pray in faith.

I begin by saying, "Dear Heavenly Father",
I thank Him for blessings He sends.
Then, humbly, I ask Him for things that I need.
"In the name of Jesus Christ, amen".

June 22, 2015
May 2015 Liahona
"The Family is of God" - Carole M. Stephens

"The ordinances we receive and the covenants we make at baptism and in the holy temples connect the family of God on both sides of the veil - connecting us to our Father through His Son, who prayed, 'That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.'

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