Friday, June 12, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 -- Week #16 - Day #106 - San Pedro Sula

June 2, 2015

9:37 pm
Hey, good news! I found a lemp in my backpack this morning as I was going through it, so now I have 7 lempiras to work with!  I think we'll run by an ATM tomorrow so I'm not a sad little moneyless person.

Today was good, better than yesterday, so I'm happy about that.  Had District Meeting, E Lyon checked over our Area Book, went and met Pres and Hna Dester for lunch and to talk about mission health stuff as there's some recent events that need to be addressed on the mission level, then taught some wonderful lessons and met some fabulous new people to teach. Quite a day. And it also sprinkled a few times today and had some righteous clouds that blocked most of the sun, so that was also awesome.

Hna Robles received a plethora of calls from the missionaries this afternoon, so that was interesting, among which: an elder whacked his head on an A/C unit in a doctor's office and needed stitches, and another got his finger bitten by a Capuchin monkey. Still not quite sure how it's possible for weird stuff like that to happen.  I probably don't go outside enough or something.

Also, Hna Robles and I have made it a joke when someone says "es cierto", as we always remember the sarcasm of E Lyon the other Pday... always good to have a little laugh. And since it's an exceptionally common phrase, there's many opportunities to laugh.

And I think the Smurfs are called Pintufos here, we visited a family and the Smurfs were on the cover of one of the children's notebooks with "Los Pintufos" written below them. I will investigate this topic further.

But yeah, overall good day, had some guava and pineapple juice and a sandwich for dinner, gonna hop in the shower and get into bed! The nights go by way too fast here, maybe because we're closer to the Equator?

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