Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -- Week #19 - Day #131 - San Pedro Sula

June 27, 2015

10:09 pm
Today we were another 3 hours running around in pursuit of the missionaries health... we had to go during companionship study so we finished that up while we were waiting for the doctor and everything. We tend to do that a lot when we have stuff in the morning, and especially on Saturdays, as everything basically closes at 11:30 am and it's also the Pday of the elders of the Office... makes it really fun for hospitaling and officing! That's why we try to keep everything within the week so it runs a little smoother. Thought you'd like to know.

But today was good, all our lessons fell through, but we still found people to teach, so that's always a blessing. Lots of walking around, though, and today was actually quite warm. Also got some bug bites on my thumb and outside wrist on my right hand, random places, but they are super itchy.  Darn mosquitoes.

But, today we had Stake Conference, so that was super neat. Talked about marriage and family, always good topics, echoing General Conference in April. There are a lot of good people down here, and I was proud to be with them this evening. Good stuff, those Stake Conferences.

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