Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 -- Week #18 - Day #121 - San Pedro Sula

June 17, 2015

10:20 pm
How you eat a little mango Slip off the skin, bite and suck off all the fruit part, and continue to clean off the fibrous seed.
Quite delicious!

Mango size comparisons

We were gifted some monster mangos, or mangotes, to denote the greatness of size
Today was good. The mangos are out in force lately, so today we received 2 grocery bags full of mangos and drank a giant mug of mango juice throughout out visits... good thing I like mangos, huh?  People show their love by feeding you what they have on hand (or just bought at the pulperia... I'll explain those later, it's basically a little store for the neighborhood block) and lately it's been mangos. I feel so loved!

We ran 3 companionships of elders to the dermatologist this morning, and then went to the office in the afternoon, and finally got back to our area to work. Things have been a little crazy this and the past week, and we still have to get through changes and the following week, so it's gonna be a fun ride on the health train. And coordinating other citas with Hna Dester and Hna Robles. I really wonder if there's so many health problems in the missions in the States?  It's amazing what manages to happen down here.

Yup, random news fact from Honduras, it is perfectly normal to see people passed out or sleeping on the (literal) side of the road at all times of the day or night. Usually they're drunk. Or just tired, I guess, I mean, I would love to go take a nap, too. But in most cases they're just drunk.  Makes me sad.

So yup, we're just going along, we have divisions with the Hermana Lideres Entrenadoras on Friday, so that should be fun. And then changes the next Wednesday, and if I'm staying with Hna Robles, I'll give the health training in English to the gringo missionaries on Tuesday.  And we'll of course have another week full of hospitaling and officing. The Work must go on!

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