Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #41 - Day #281 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 24, 2015

Our pila filled up! Yay! We still don't have water in the house, but we have it outside. Just gotta haul it into the house. And we also broke-cracked-damaged 2 of our 3 buckets, so we got to buy some more buckets here pretty soon. Hauling water is fun.

I would just like to correct myself: last week I said that we found some achote, the red seasoning thing that you dry the seeds and put in soup, and you actually spell it "achiote" with an i. So sorry about that mistake.

But today we went to District Meeting and had some good capacitation from E Ordonez. Also learned that the elderes are fanatics about Dove bar soap. The black and teal kind for men, of course, so they smell lovely, but it's just kinda funny to see them singing praises to Dove soap and seeing whose forearm smells the best. Goofballs. I love these guys.

I read a talk today in the Liahona and there's a quote from Randall L. Ridd that I love: "Real intent means doing the right thing for the right reasons."  And I might add "at the right time and in the right place". Many times we have everything but 1 or 2 things from that phrase correct, and that's why we run into problems. And also that we receive blessings just by the grace of God, we also get blessings from simple obedience, but we receive the greatest blessings and happiness when we understand why we must do something, and we are sincerely willing to do it. So that was my lesson of the day.
So we got home from District Meeting and had some lunch, and started doing our visits. We're actually planning to drop a bunch of people again, so that's gonna be fun. They just lose interest or ask us not to come by again. Grr. But it was kinda funny because one of the ladies we're visiting has a little 3 year old daughter. So during the lesson I reached up and scratched my head, and she then asked me if I had ants in my hair. Funny little girl.

But, this afternoon we also found some kiddos who had made kites from plastic bags and were flying them. But they were flying them WAY far away, like the kite was just a tiny black dot off in the distance. So that was a pretty fun, they have some good imagination.

Other than that it was just a pretty quiet day, didn't really do much excited stuff. Just walk around and talk to people.

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