Monday, November 30, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #41 - Day #284 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 27, 2015

Today we went to SPS! Again! This time it wasn't for medical stuff, we had to go up to an administrative building to get our residencia so we can be legal in Honduras. Go national relations! We got to take pictures (I bought a new shirt for the occasion the other day with some bday money. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) and filled out some paperwork.
Lunch at Pizza Hut in SPS with my new Bday shirt!  (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!) 
So that was a fun bus ride all the way over there. Asked some people where the building was along the way, and got ourselves over there, finally. Afterwards we had some lunch at Pizza Hut, and headed all the way back to SC.
Catholic cathedral in the Central
We got back just in time to go to the Coordinacion Misional that got canceled, and then we helped make a whole bunch of popcorn for the movie night that la Obra Misional is gonna be putting on every Friday night at 6:00 pm (see awesome poster that Hna Escobar and I made to announce the event!).

Tonight we watched Intensamente... I don't remember what it's called in English [Inside Out], but it's the family movie about the thoughts and feelings in your head? With the little girl named Riley? Everyone loved it, and now I always picture some little person in my head at the controls whenever I feel upset or happy or a little sad. It's actually a really cool movie. I really liked the parts when you could see the thoughts in the other people's heads. Warm fuzzies!

Pretty good day overall, just exhausted from traveling so much. I'm really glad that I was in SPS before and am familiar with all the rapiditos and Central and knowing where stuff is (including hospitals), as Hna Escobar has no idea how SPS is, and I basically have to take the reins when we go over there. But now she knows, so she can help out her companions and stuff. Knowledge is power, my friends! Use it wisely to help benefit and help people out.

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