Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #39 - Day #273 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 16, 2015

Pday! Cleaned house real fast and then headed to the church to play American football with the elderes. Then headed back over to Wings and More for lunch.
Me and my baleada shirt! Catracha!
Problem is, there was some group of people from the States that was there and so we waited over an hour for our food. The elderes were kinda ticked about that because we're very regular customers there and the other people got priority. They were some Christian group that goes around and builds churches or something. But the people already have a ridiculous amount of churches. Ha saber. So we FINALLY all ate and headed over to write our families, then bought a few groceries, got cleaned up, and went to our dinner appointment.

Fun news of the day: our water went out. And it was raining towards the afternoon. Whoo!

But we did an act of service: there's a REALLY inactive lady that lives over in el Zapote, but her son is serving the mission. So she called us to meet her in Centro to give us a bag of stuff she wants to send to her son. So now we have to give this bag to Kathia Ramos, and she's gonna send it off to him because she's helping with all the arrangements and communication with this poor guy. So that was an interesting adventure to find her and get all the stuff passed over.

And E Hess forgot his Missionary Manual-wallet in the internet place, so we gotta give it to him tomorrow in District Meeting. And E Bate somehow lost his camera charger, so I'm trying to figure out a solution for that as well. And I sent some stuff out for Christmas, and our Financial Secretary took the entire cost of mailing out of my stipend thing that we get every 15 days, so now I basically don't have any money. Yeah.

And had some really strange dreams waking up this morning. I don't think I'm sleeping very well. Maybe I'm stressed out again?

And since the water was out and we went to play ball with the elderes we didn't have time to wash clothes. But the water came back for about 20 minutes so I washed some things real fast, and then it went out again before I could shower. So we hauled water to the house from the pila, and we're working with that now.
And a freaky spider creature we found out in our pila the other night. Ick.
And our dinner was cold spaghetti with under-cooked red beans and fried green plantains. Not my favorite. Eatable, but not my favorite. Fried green plantains are mealy and bitter and make your teeth and gums just feel weird. They're not quite tajadas, but aren't ripe enough to be the good fried plantains that taste sweet and a little bit banana-y.

And the elderes went and got their hair cut and they all got nicked and their hair turned out badly because the guy was new. And has gripe or something. So we're all just a bunch of happy campers right now. Kinda a lame Pday. Sorry such a sad update. Hopefully tomorrow's better.

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