Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #40 - Day #274 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 17, 2015

Today was interesting. Didn't really do much, and all our District is just kinda wiped and really out of it.

But we went to Potrerillos, like always, and the bus was slower than usual, so we got there a little late, even though we left on time-ish. Also got half the stuff we asked for in the Ruta. I swear I'm gonna smack those elderes on the head when I see them. All the office elderes that were there when I came to the mission are gone, and now everything is driving me crazy. Deep breaths. So we'll try again next week. We're just still really happy we got our stove last week. That was a really big step in the right direction! And now we're back to baby steps in the opposite direction. Ninos.

And it was a long bus ride back to SC, walked home, had lunch, I wrote some more letters to various people that need some more encouragement in their lives while Hna Escobar took a quick nap (she wasn't feeling good again). And we took off again, our Ward Mission Leader had said that he was gonna go on some visits with us today, but we called and called, and he didn't answer. Then when we were talking with some people he called and cancelled. So we'll try again tomorrow. And then we had choir practice as now we're getting ready for Christmas! That's kinda crazy.
And a local seasoning called achiote. 
You dry out the seeds, grind them up, and toss it in soups, mantucas, tamales, whatever, to turn it orange.
So, fun story, we've still been without water these past few days, and now the light is also going out. We came home for lunch, and we were cooking on our little stove. I opened the microwave to put some food in to warm up, and as I shut the door and raised my finger to push the button, the power went out. Honduras!

On the bus we listened to a fun song that was talking about how this guy doesn't want to drink water, he just wants alcohol. Great message. I think the world has enough drunk people, I would suggest that water is better. Helps your liver, and you don't get so dehydrated. Hmhmm.

And we did an act of service in Potrerillos as we were leaving the meeting. Our district was walking over to the bus stop and we passed a lady carrying a lamina (sheet of corrugated metal for roofs) and her kids carrying a cooler and a bag of stuff, so good missionaries that we are, we carried everything for a good 20 minutes as we walked over to where she was going. E Ordonez and I manned the lamina, Hna Escobar got the bag, E Bate carried the cooler, and E Lorenzana was carrying Hna Escobar's and my box of copies of the Book of Mormon (there's 25 books, and it actually weighs a decent amount. I can carry it fine, but it's still heavy), and E Hess went and bought some pineapple. And talked to the lady. Together we're gonna conquer the world! With love and service!

So after contacting and inviting and dropping off the lady we walked another 20 minutes back to the bus stop, where E Hess bought more pineapple. The other elderes bought water and some chips. I swear these elderes buy food in every pulperia and fruit stand we pass. I usually carry little packs of cookies to give them when we're on the bus and they're hungry. They make me smile.

And fact about Honduras (and maybe Central America): parents tend to hold their children by their forearms and lead them around like that, as opposed to holding their hand like we do back home. Just thought that was interesting that it's different. I like holding hands better.

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