Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #38 - Day #265 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 8, 2015

Sunday! And it was Fast Sunday, so we got to listen to all the testimonies from everyone. We went overtime, again. And none of our investigators came.
I made lunch! Catracho style
Came home, had lunch, and went to Ward Council, which was a little stressful, actually, then did some visits to the 3 members we have in our section of things, and came back home. Planned, and got ready for bed. News of the day, our shower head valve broke, so we can't use our homemade shower head, we're back to the crouching showers. So Hna Escobar is kinda sad about that.

Some interesting things from today:
- you can spell iPhone as "iphomno"

- a completely wrong explanation of why babies cry when they're born (it's actually a necessary reaction to get the fluid out of their lungs, reroute their circulation, and start breathing properly... Jesse, correct me on that if I didn't explain that right, it's been awhile since anatomy class!)

- the very astute observation that there were a lot of words in a verse of scripture

- the Obra Misional is really complicated (it's actually not) and we just can't handle so much change right now (actually you can, change is good for you) so it's better if you just keep doing your things, and we'll do our things, and keep our fingers crossed (definitely not how it's supposed to work)

- and, finally, that we have our Muli-zone Conference on Wednesday, and Dr. Lynn (in charge of all the Central American missions) is coming to check if we're using our filter water bottles and bug spray (which we are)

So yeah... we're really happy to have Pday tomorrow.
A pretty flower that we found walking around

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