Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #38 - Day #262 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 5, 2015

Feliz Cumple, Papi! Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

We had Weekly Planning, made lunch, Hna Escobar received a blessing of health from the elderes (her kidneys still aren't doing well) and we headed out to conquer the world! Well, more or less. We went exploring around some more of our area, and taught a few lessons standing up the ENTIRE 40 or so minutes with our backpacks and scriptures in-hand and everything. Not my favorite, as usually we're at least offered a plastic chair to rest a little bit from walking up and down the rock mountains, but we did everything on our feet for about 4 hours straight. Go leg muscles! And hips, back, tummy, and neck muscles! Go body, go!

There's also a tendency for the women to hide in the door curtain (because the doors here are curtains... you only close the wood part if you're not home or it's bedtime) and not let you pass into the house. Like they wrap the curtain around themselves and twirl-play with the fringe or whatever and don't really pay attention to you. I know, we're really scary, but we're just talking about God and how He loves this person, and the Gospel is on earth in its fullness and they can have a better family that will last forever because of it. Crazy message, right? Never would have thought it was possible, but it in fact is. Just gotta read, pray, and go to church. And listen to the Holy Spirit. I think it's quite simple, actually.

We also found out that there's a cockfighting league, I think that's what it is, that is on one of our bus routes, actually, so that's some new info. They keep the roosters up by where the elderes live, and they fight down where we live. Learn something new everyday, huh?

And everyone and their dog responds to "how are you doing?" with "ay, en la lucha", or "in the fight," and also that "aqui estoy, luchando", or "I'm here fighting."  Kinda an interesting phrase, I think it mostly refers to the difficulty of life, but I don't really see a whole lot of actual effort being put forth in this "gran lucha" we're all supposed to be "luchando". That's just my thoughts. So I always smile a little when they respond that way.

And the water in the house and the pila went out yesterday and hasn't come back yet.

But, we made chocolate pancakes in the morning, so I was happy! You just add cocoa powder to the batter, and they turn out really yummy.

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