Monday, November 30, 2015

Saturday, November 28, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #41 - Day #285 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 28, 2015

Saturday! Which means tomorrow is Sunday! Almost finishing the week, and the month of November. I feel accomplished.

Today was good, we got a lot of visits done in the morning, which was awesome. Sad thing is, we dropped all our investigators in those visits. That's just what happens. We were teaching a lady that didn't like the Church because we only had formal worship services on Sundays. Apparently she needed more God in her life. Even though we explained about the Day of Rest, the Sacrament, and how she should have prayer and scripture study with her family everyday. Yup. Normally the churches here have 3-4 meetings a week, so she thought it was really odd that we didn't.

But we also got to make some Christmas ornaments! So we're gonna gift them to some of the members down on our side of things to help bring in the Christmas spirit. We made some little snowmen with foam cups and felt. I was in my happy spot making crafts again, and we had a glue gun! Ha! That was pretty crazy. I like glue guns.
And we discovered that Hno Rene doesn't like frogs. At all. He's actually quite scared of them. It's because we had him take us all the way up to Rosa so she could sew some skirts of Hna Escobar that were too long, and we found a frog on the way out. So, of course, I picked it up and held it, and Rene just started freaking out and ran away from me. So now we always tease him for that. Goofball.

Other than that, quiet day, just normal work.
And we like to toast our newly bought marshmallows over our newly sent stove! :P

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