Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #40 - Day #278 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 21, 2015

Today was good, felt kinda long. Did some lessons in the morning, took a nap in the hammock at home during lunch time, and did another lesson. Then got ourselves to the church to help out with another baptism of the elderes in Yojoa. Of course we started an hour late (as normal) because we weren't able to get the building keys to fill the font (not normal), but everything worked out in the end. And there was a mix-up with the program, so the missionaries ended up doing everything with 5 minute's notice. I was music chair, choosing and leading the opening / interlude / closing hymns, E Lorenzana lead the service, E Hess baptized, E Ordonez talked about baptism and was a witness, and E Bate talked about the Holy Ghost and was a witness. Hna Escobar helped the hermana that got baptized with the clothes and changing and everything and was moral support for everyone. So we're a good little team!

And we stayed a few minutes afterwards for E Hess and Lorenzana to iron some shirts and charge their phone, as there hasn't been power in Yojoa for 3 days.  And the light went out again in our house as well as we were making lunch. In Yojoa they do have water, but not having things usually isn't the funnest of situations. But that's our reality here... we don't have a lot of things we want. But we still have a lot of good things, so that helps!

And we went and did another lesson, and came home. As we were walking back, this little puppy came bounding out from who knows where and decided it wanted to be my friend, darting in and out of my feet and following me for a good 2-3 minutes. I have never seen a dog act like that before, but it was kinda cute.

The leafcutter ants are still out there, hard little workers. And the guy that cuts our grass still hasn't come. But we made popcorn again tonight on our little stove, so we're happy. We're getting really good at making popcorn!

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