Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #40 - Day #276 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 19, 2015

Weekly Planning! Always a fun 2 hours. Had lunch, then headed off to lessons. Then we ran into Hno Rene (the very less-active member that drives us around in the moto-taxi) in a bakery as we were wanting a pastry to eat, so we talked for a little bit and actually shared a scripture with him and invited him back to church. He's a really good guy, just works too much. And doesn't remember my name (although I've been here for 4 months now and see him on a very regular basis, I think he does that to tease us). We shared the machete scripture in 3 Nefi 13:31-34 that we used on Javier, and he agreed that it was quite powerful. We'll see if he comes to church on Sunday.
Hno Rene of the moto in the bakery, eating pastries!

Then we did some more lessons, and passed by Esperanza (I love that lady!) to say hi and share a quick scripture, and turned out that she gave us food that's actually good! We got some beans, tortillas, and carne asada (grilled meat) with a lime slice and a chile. So good!
The meat was kinda tough, but it's been over 7 months since I went to Hijo de Cacho with Hna Robles, and that was the last time that I've had actual grilled meat that was delicious and edible. I was so happy! I really miss steak and kabobs and grilled chicken and broiled fish and everything from back home. We just don't eat meat here. Unless it's these weird sausage things that don't taste good, or eggs or some other strange kind of ground meat pieces. Chicken abounds, but I don't really like the way they make it. Either it's KFC style, or guisado... kind boiled in a thin sauce with a bunch of cilantro. And it's not boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thighs all nice and clean... it's the entire chicken chopped into 4 quarters and you just go at it with all the bones and veins and everything. Yup. I know I sound like a total white girl, but I am constantly craving a giant salad with real spinach and 3 kinds of lettuce, with carrots and purple cabbage and cherry tomatoes and cheddar cheese and bacon and ranch and strips of grilled chicken breast on top. Oh yeah, that sounds so good. But doesn't exist here.

So visited with Esperanza, and then passed for some other people, but weren't home / didn't receive us, so we went over to our dinner appointment with the previous bishop's family - Obispo Reyes (the newly sustained bishop is Obispo Bardales, of the family that gives us dinner in the church on Wednesdays). And, with it raining and all again, the light went out for a good 10-15 minutes. The water and light have been going out a lot. Grrr.

But we got to give some service! Hna Escobar studied accounting in her college studies, and was working before coming on the mission, so is very good at Excel. Obispo Reyes is a high school teacher, and was entering all the grades from this past cycle into a form in Excel. So I read off the numbers as Hna Escobar entered them into the computer. She also put in some formulas and password-locked the document and everything to help him out. So he was very pleased and would like for us to come by during the week to teach him how to use Excel better. Go education! I got the English-Science-Literature standpoint down, and Hna Escobar's got Math-Computers-Public Communication. Whoo!

We have also had these leafcutter ants running around again, this whole week they've been hauling leaves out by our gate outside. So we get to step over them every day as we leave and come back home. Good little workers.

And I think I somehow pinched a nerve in my lower back this morning, so that's kinda bothering me. Hna Escobar finished up her pain medication as well 2 days ago, and we're waiting until Monday for the results on an exam, and then she can start another round of pain medication. So we're just a pair of awesome little missionaries right now! We're also still without water in the house, and the light goes out occasionally throughout the day. The guy that comes by and cuts the grass hasn't come in a month either, so we're wading through a forest to get to our house. We're just kinda in a holding pattern right now.

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