Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #40 - Day #275 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 18, 2015

Happy 9 months to me!
And 8 months to Hna Escobar!  She's so awesome, I love that girl. She stayed up a little later last night to put up some decorations for my tummy photos this morning. And she's just so dang awesome. And always tells a ton of funny stories that have happened to her. And always asks good questions during study time so we go scripture hunting to find answers. I wish all of you could meet her!

So yeah, I put my tummy on for my 9 months!  
That's the tradition with the hermanas for milestones. The elderes burn ties and shirts and things, and we have tummies.

We then went off and taught some lessons, and went hunting for a few people, but didn't find them, so we taught someone else, instead. Headed over to our only lunch appointment of the week, and ended up staying there for a while as I was helping Kathia with her English classes.  
I edited a story that she was using to teach the kids, as it didn't really make a whole lot of sense. I think it was written by a Russian, and translated through 5 languages before getting to English. If you have a minute, look up a video on YouTube that's called something along the lines of [Google translate "Let it Go"].  I totally get why you don't use internet translators on all the text in a language class. It turns out really weird. So I took a picture of the original typed story and the reworked version that I wrote out what made a little more sense, at least from a diction and grammar standpoint. Obviously, it could use a LOT more background/character development/plotline to be an actually coherent story, but it has potential. Go English!  
So we went from that fun adventure to some other lessons, and then headed to the church for our dinner, which we ate with the elderes in the Nursery room. And then one more lesson, and headed home. I'm actually quite exhausted.
And we found some dolls in the Nursery and decided to take some pics with them!
And, fun fact of the day that's gonna make anyone who knows nutrition hate my guts: I ate pure carbs today. EVERYTHING. I'm actually not quite sure how I feel to have accomplished that feat. There's a first time for everything, right?

- Breakfast was pancakes that Hna Escobar made for me

- Lunch was a great big helping of rice, as always, and some kind of chicken liver/organ of some sort that I didn't like, so we switched that out for pasta (some little pasta balls called marmaon, not sure what the English equivalent is, it's like giant acini de pepe)

- Kathia treated us to some [pan de coco], so that was another big chunk of carbs (means coconut bread, but it's basically a normal dinner roll from back home, apparently they use coconut milk when they make them and that makes them different from normal bread. Nothing near what coconut bread is in my family. We put in a healthy helping of sugar, is more like a cake, and actually tastes like coconut)

- Dinner was baleadas, but I was so full eating the pan de coco and drinking a ton of water, that I just ate some of the tortilla and a spoonful of beans

- After-planning-snack was the rest of the baleadas and some leftover rice
Super healthy, right?

And we also found another church: La Iglesia de la Vision Celestial. I think that brings our total to something like thirty churches here. It's nuts. But I think it's the Pentecostal church up the road that's always shouting, "LA IGLESIA PIDE FUEGO!!!!!!" over and over again. Basically they're saying that the church is asking for fire. Like the Spirit or something. Actually kinda scary. And it's a woman pastor, so that makes it more interesting. Not dissing religions, I'm just saying that I'm not really up for shouting and jumping around in church. Sitting is about as exciting as I want to get.

And, fun fact, Guadalupe is actually a guy's name. Kinda like Andrea. Depends on the country and personal preference.
Some pretty flowers!

And found some poinsettias! It's getting closer to Christmas.

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