Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #39 - Day #272 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 15, 2015

Fun little date, right? I like it when it mirrors itself... numerical palindrome! (didn't think I remembered that word, huh? brain power!)

JAVIER CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applause! Shouts! Cheers! Whoohoo! Finally someone got some of the joke. Hopefully he'll come back next week. We've been working with him since I got here, way back in August. We actually left him for a time, and went and visited again yesterday, pulled a machete scripture out on him, and he came to church today. There you go.
Maybe we just gotta be even MORE direct with our messages and start pulling punches to wake the people up a bit. Who knows. We're just happy he came. Good guy, just needs a lot of nudging and pushing. 3 Nefi 13:31-32 works miracles click: 3 Nephi 13:31-32.

And we did the Supercontacto in Yojoa, so that was good. We just did it with the leaders, not everyone. I was in the group that went and visited some less-actives, so that was interesting. Yojoa is less-developed than Santa Cruz, so there's a lot more plants. Very pretty.
And a shot from Yojoa. The thing is that the land is really pretty. The living conditions, not so much, but the plants and trees and everything look really nice.

And I had cacao for the first time! Interesting little fruit... you smack the pod against a tree or the pila or whatever, and crack it open. Then you see a whole ton of white pulpy seeds in a 5 sided arrangement. Scoop out a triangle seed, suck off the sweet/acidic white stuff, and spit out the seed. You then wash and set the seeds out to dry, take off the skin, and grind them into cocao powder. Add some water and sugar, heat it up, and you got chocolate.  You're welcome. So that was a fun learning experience. Gotta love Honduras!

We got back late and it started raining. Good Sunday.

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