Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015 -- Month #8 - Week #37 - Day #258 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

November 1, 2015

We're in November! It feels kinda like fall here, but it still is hot and you sweat and get all icky. And I am seriously loving my tan-lines... I didn't know my feet could end up looking like Neopolitan ice cream. Somehow my face decides it doesn't want to change color, but all other skin is a few shades darker than the normal. So there ya go. We're in November and I'm still tanning myself.

Today we had Ward Conference, and I played prelude, all the choir songs, and postlude, so I am quite done with piano playing for a little while. Everything went very well, music-wise, but a new bishop was called for our ward, so that made for some shuffling around of callings, and then everyone had to give a talk, and their entire family came up on the stand to give them support, and so we went WAY over time... and then that made all the other meetings go late. So that was fun.
Hna Escobar and I also helped teach the Primary kiddos some songs for the Primary Program as the leaders didn't know them. So Hna Escobar pulled out her singing time tricks and games, and we rocked that practice.

And we finally got home, and had lunch, and Hna Escobar wasn't feeling very well with her kidneys, so we stayed in the house until the sun went down and got cooler so it wouldn't put so much stress on her body. In the meantime I translated my notes of the Lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith for her, and we read a page and a half of the King Follett Sermon, click: The King Follett Sermon her reading the text in English and speaking aloud what she understood in Spanish. That way I could check comprehension and learn how to phrase things in Spanish as well, and correct her and teach new English words. It's actually really neat to do, we enjoyed that.

So we left, and went and visited some less-active members, and got some tortillas! So tomorrow I'm gonna buy some honey and we'll eat them with butter and honey. It's gonna be awesome.

So yeah, that was our Sunday. It was actually almost a day of rest! So cool!

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