Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #78 - Day #541 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

August 10, 2016

"Your faith will grow not by chance, but by choice."
- Elder Neil. L. Andersen
The lady that was going to leave on visits with us this morning flaked out again, so we went to conquer the world by ourselves. We went and found our investigators that aren't really super interested, and then the fumigator people fumigated our house, and we went and taught some more people that were slightly more interested. And then we waited for an eternity for our dinner and we got a slice of pizza and a cup of Pepsi. Whoo!
Some of our area!
Hna Vasquez, my dear hija!!

We also found a treat that's called "donkey hoof" or casco de burro, so that was neat. I'm pretty sure that's not what it's called in English, but that's how it is in Spanish.

Also, Lucia's prayers are awesome, even though they're really long. But it's sweet when she prays for us and asks God to take care of us and our families. She's a good lady.
Looking pretty good with my bag of water from the pulperia!
And also the light went out this morning, from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. So it was kinda hot when we studied in the morning and all that and there wasn't much breeze even when we opened the windows in the house. But we survived!

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