Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #78 - Day #545 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

August 14, 2016

Today Hna Mora has 10 months! Whoo! My 1st baby is getting all grown up!

Well, we went running around to bring people to Ward Conference, and they didn't want to, so that was sad. I love walking around in circles at 7:00 am on Sunday. But that's alright, it's what we do.
And our little neighbor pet! I call him Osito (little bear), although he has a different name. But he still comes when I call him :)
And the other dog, Beethoven...
 There's also a 3rd dog, but I don't remember what he's called...
So we had that, and then we also stayed after for a meeting with the Stake President and all the ward leaders, so that was fun, and we finally got out at about 2:00 pm, and ran out and picked up our lunch from Damaris, and went home to eat fast and relax for a few minutes, then went looking for people again up in Miguel Yanes, but the citas all fell through, so we ran back to the house again at about 6:00 pm to pick up something I forgot, and then all of a sudden another huge rain storm hit! So we decided to wait it out a few minutes in our house, but then the light went out so we had to stay home because it really was very dark.
A picture of me with the light, and then when the light went out!
We went and bought Hna Vasquez some candles for when this sort of thing happens in the future.
And also our phone signal went out. So we stayed put. When the light came back it was already late, and the rain continued for about 4 hours, so we just sort of camped in our house and I got some more little things finished up for when I go.

So we had a chill day, mostly just sitting. I'm really tired of sitting.

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