Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #78 - Day #542 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

August 11, 2016

We finally had divisions! I went with Hna Escobar (the HLE from Copan) and Hna Vasquez went with Hna Quinteros, and we both had good days! Just that right when we left it down poured for about half an hour, and then it was all sunny again, and then at about 6:00 pm it down poured again. But I ran around with my giant umbrella sword, so I was alright. But we still got wet from the waist down.

But I finally fulfilled my dream and we climbed up the Miguel Yanes mountain and went contacting around there. And we climbed up 363 stairs. That was the second longest trail, there's one that's probably 80 or so more stairs taller, but I don't think we'll have time to climb up that one. But at least we got up there! So I'm happy.
Climbing up Miguel Yanes

And with the rain, we went to have dinner again with Marilyn and Inesita, and we had baleadas. I haven't had a baleada for a while, I realized, so that was a nice little dinner.

Also we found another church: Iglesia de Cristo la fiel y verdadera.

And if you gargle a cup of lime juice you can cure tonsillitis. Very interesting. There's a lady that swears up and down by lime juice.

And my pen finally died! I thought I'd use more pens in the mission, but the ones I have have lasted for a while.

We also watched a chicken try to eat a Styrofoam food carton while we were teaching a lesson. I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to eat Styrofoam, animal or human.

And we saw a SUPER pregnant dog in the street, and it was actually a little sad to see her waddling around, poor baby.

But that was our day! Hna Vasquez had a good day as well, so I'm glad for that. My first time having divisions was not a good experience, so I tried to prepare Hna Vasquez for what was gonna happen and give her very clear instructions with the route of the people she was going to visit so she didn't get lost. But she did well and enjoyed them! So I'm happy about that.

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