Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thursday, August 04, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #77 - Day #535 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

August 4, 2016

"Christ is always near waiting and willing to help us."
- Elder M. Russell Ballard
Today we went up to SPS for our Multi-zone Conference! This cambio is special because we get both events at once. We had interviews last week, and conference today. Then next week we'll head up again for my goodbye dinner with Pres. and Hna Bush, and then the next week I'm taking off.  I just can't shake SPS!
I met up again with Hna Escobar and Gutierrez from my coming group!

Crazy how we've changed in a year and a half!

Hna Erickson (the mission nurse)
Our Multi-zona 
So Hna Vasquez and I took off into the wild blue yonder in a rapidito, and I taught her all the stuff about those. And how to navigate around in the Terminal, and then we met up with E Vasquez (who's training) and E Hernandez (the newbie that came with Hna Vasquez) in the Terminal trying to figure out if a taxi could take them to the Benque and saved them from paying 120 lemps and instead we paid 8 in a bus to Choloma. They were all very grateful. And we got to said Benque and the conference commenced at 9:00 am. It was really different from the ones with the Dester's, but had the same elements. And I was FREEZING cold the entire time because the lovely A-C was on. I brought a sweater, but it was still cold.  I'm pretty sure being in Honduras has made my cold tolerance even smaller.
And then we had a mini meeting afterwards with the hnas and Hna Bush to have it be announced that we will now wear pants. Yup. But I don't have to because I'm going! HAHA! Apparently pants will save us from the mosquitoes, even though the elderes (with pants) have more cases of chikengunya, dengue, and zika than the hnas (in skirts) because the elderes don't use bug spray and the hnas do. Anyways, that's the new rule now, and apparently we're the last mission in Central America to comply with the plan. So there you go. We also need to wear nice blouses and shoes and we can't wear sandals (like I do).
And the pants have made their entrance to the mission. But I don't have to wear them because I'm coming home!
But we all got home safely, and had dinner and I gave an English class. We went over all the vowel sounds and practiced saying different words with each of the sounds. The O and U each have 4 sounds! The A has 3, E has 2, and I-Y have 2. So that was actually pretty fun.

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