Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sunday, August 07, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #77 - Day #538 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

August 7, 2016

"The greatest example who ever walked the earth is our Savior, Jesus Christ."
- Elder Richard G. Scott
Today we went to church like normal (Lucia came! YAY!) and we had a good Fast and Testimony Meeting (the elderes' 2 recent converts shared their testimonies) and Gospel Principles class, and then Hna Vasquez and I taught the Relief Society hnas how to use the Plan de Accion sheet that we'll be working with them and showed a video from PMG of the importance of the members. They liked it and I think it went pretty well, actually. They figured out that it's very easy and that they can count on us for help. So we'll be ramping up again on Plan de Accion and hopefully we can see some more results!

And then we had to go house hunting with the elderes again, but it turns out that the other house we found them is a no go because it's too close to our house. Bummer.  It's actually really hard to find houses here!

And then we went looking for the family of inactives we were going to visit, and they weren't there. So that wasn't so fun. But then we went looking for this other less active lady, and we found her! So we got to talk to her and her husband for a bit (she's 20 and he's 18... they needed to get married but then her family got all mad... long story) and then we had a meeting with the Stake President about the Plan de Accion. And then we had dinner and then headed home. Good day.

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