Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016 -- Month #17 - Week #75 - Day #521 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

July 21, 2016

"When you do your part, the Lord adds His power to your efforts."
- President Henry B. Eyring

Very true. You can't expect the Lord to do everything. You've gotta give Him something to work with!

Today was a little crazy, I felt like we walked in circles. We were really tired and I didn't feel like we did much.  But I'm hoping that the Lord could multiply our efforts today.

We did a bunch more contacts and visited some members, got some citas blown off, and then had dinner. It was awesome. We had eggs and beans and tortillas and I loved it because I got to sit in a hammock and it was glorious. My knees were hot and itchy, but on the inside by the bone, like how it feels when they're really tired after walking all over, and can feel the fibers of the tendons, and so to gently move them swinging back and forth without any weight bearing down on them was awesome. I will have a hammock in my future house. And a lime tree.

But Hna Vasquez and I had a fun day of contacts, I think we tried every tactic and approach under the sun just to keep things interesting. I even yelled a contact to an 11 year old kid in his 2 story house behind a huge wall. Whatever works. He refused to come answer the door, so we just started shouting. It worked out alright.
Some more of our area, hiking around all of creation.

Oh! And the light and water went out for 3 hours this afternoon. That's only happened 1 other time here, so that's a record! I like not being in Copan sometimes.

And we contacted an atheist this afternoon in our wanderings, and also his very evangelical, slightly hippie friend. Interesting visit we had with them. Good guys, just a little confused on some aspects of the Gospel.

Today we got our rent contracts resigned so we still have a house! Score! Although it was a little funny because the owner of the house is currently in Italy, I think, so the grandma is here, making sure we're ok. Although the grandma didn't want to sign because she couldn't see or something, so I signed the contract in behalf of the grandma who would of signed it in behalf of the owner that's in Italy. I love how things work here. But Hna Vasquez was a witness to the whole thing, so she can testify. It's always good to go with someone else when you do official stuff.

And another churched popped into existence!  Ministerio Apostolico y Profetico: Agua en el Desierto. Cool name.

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