Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sunday, July 03, 2016 -- Month #16 - Week #72 - Day #503 - Las Flores, Villanueva, Cortes

July 3, 2016

Sunday! Yay! Today was good, really, really, really tiring, to be honest. Highlight of the day was the giant meeting we had with the Stake President, all the Ward Mission Leaders, Bishops, and missionaries of the Villanueva Stake. We had a lot of people all crowded into the little room. But we were able to go over some dats and what we can do to get them better. Hopefully we can have success soon.

And some of the interesting comments we heard today:
- Christ apparently was in Europe, not in the Middle East during His ministry
- The Church existed before Adam and Eve
- He who doesn't live to serve doesn't serve to live

And people also change a baby's clothes 2 or 3 times during Church, and without apparent reason. They just go around changing all these babies clothes all the time. I don't really understand that.

And we found another church: Iglesia Bautista El Faro

And that's it... waiting for Pday tomorrow!

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