Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thursday, July 07, 2016 -- Month #16 - Week #73 - Day #507 - Barrio La Victoria, Villanueva, Cortes

July 7, 2016

Weekly Planning! Although I just planned by myself for my area, since I don't really have anyone else to plan with. Felt really weird. I miss having a companion with me in my area.

But today we had divisions! Hna Cruz and Hna Escobar (my Escobar goes home in October and is currently the companion of the Hna Erickson, the nurse, and this other Escobar will go home with us in August, and she's really awesome as well!) came up and we had a good day. Lots of crazy things happened, and it rained, but I found some candy that is similar to Pop Rocks, so I was happy. It's not as good, but it was still fun to find them.
Some flood water in the dirt road during divisions.
And apparently psychologists read people's palms. And we found another church: Iglesia Principe de Paz. We heard and saw a lot of interesting things today.

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