Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday, February 03, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #51 - Day #352 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 3, 2016

Todaaaaaaaay... started at 5:00 am. Whoo! Got ourselves up and ready and had a little bfast and got ourselves out the door and to the bus stop thing for the bus that leaves at 7:00 am up to SPS. That was fun. With all our backpacks and bags. So we sat on that for 2 hours to get up to the Terminal, where we hopped off and I bought myself a cheap, big backpack. And put all my stuff in it. Then got ourselves some baleadas and banana milkshakes for a more decent breakfast. And then went and bought some t-shirts for 50 lemps apiece. Then trekked back down and bought our tickets to Potrerillos and waited on the bus.
I bought some gummies for the bus ride to divisions...

That took us another hour and a half to get to Potrerillos, but the bus kept on going and didn't let us get off. So we overshot that and we hopped ourselves off and waited on the side of the road for a rapidito to take us up to Potrerillos. We finally got there, found the hermana's house, and asked around the neighbors for somewhere that sold food close by. Found the food, took it back to the house, and ate it (the other hnas had gone to their lunch appointment). Got ourselves all prepared for divisions, and then it turns out that Hna Ordonez needed to stay home because she had injured her back, and that just Hna Mendoza would be able to leave. So we decided that I would stay home the first half of the afternoon, and then they would come back and Hna Cruz would stay here and I'd leave with Mendoza. So that brings me to now where I'm catching everything up from the past few days as a way to kill some of the many hours I'll be sitting here. But it's all good. Being HLE is weird!

Now, a few hours later, I left with Hna Mendoza and Hna Cruz stayed with Hna Ordonez. We went around looking for people that weren't there, and did a few contacts. And then explained the Law of Chastity to a 12 year old boy who's getting baptized on Saturday. And went to 4 pulperias looking for quesillo to make some tortillas fritas for dinner. We finally found everything we needed, and headed back to the house where Hna Cruz and I made the food. We all ate together, did some talking with Hna Mendoza about the day and how it went, answering some questions and giving some advice on a few things.
And Divisions with Hna Mower and Hna Cruz and Hna Mendoza and Hna Ordonez in Portrerillos
And then I hauled a small bucket of water 4 or 5 times from the pila downstairs outside to the big shower bucket upstairs and inside.  (The hnas live on the 2nd floor.)  Showered, got changed and ready for bed. And now I'm finishing up this happy day! First time doing divisions, check!

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