Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #50 - Day #346 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

January 28, 2016

Weekly Planning! And divisions planning! But that went well, got everything mostly figured out for being HLE's (hermanas lideres entrenadoras is really long to spell out all the time now) and had to call a whole ton of people to coordinate stuff. It's fun being in charge of things.

So we got that done and then went looking for our lunch appointment because Ana had said she left the food with a neighbor because she had to go up to SPS, but we couldn't find the neighbor. So we finally ended up sitting on her front porch until a nice lady came by and said she had our food. So we followed her to her house and we had lunch. It was pretty good, fried chicken, tajadas, refried beans, rice, limeade. Typical Honduran food.

And we got some stuff figured out for the baptisms on Saturday! Whoo! More brain-damage than it needed to be, but we made it out of the experience alive.

And we had our last visit with Keyla and Alexandra where we went over the baptism interview questions with them and did a final review over everything we had taught them. They're so good! Alexandra's still a little shy of talking in front of many people, but if you get her alone she'll open up and talk to ya. But I love them both, they're wonderful girls.

But, good news, apparently I'll receive my residencia card in the ruta on Tuesday! I'm so excited! It's kinda like waiting for your driver's license to come in the mail. So I will officially be catracha! I'll be a white Central American. That's pretty neat.

And, funny story of the day: today I wore my flats instead of my normal sandals like I always do. So when we were with Keyla and Alexandra and Angie and Sueybellin (the daughters of Wilmer that live next door and are friends) we were talking about how you could see the stripes of tanned and light skin on my feet and legs and how they looked like socks. And, sweet little Alexandra, took everything so seriously and honestly thought I was wearing socks that had stripes like that, and touched my leg to see if I indeed was wearing the mentioned socks. Then she was all confused as to why they were saying I had socks on when all she touched was skin. And then she got the joke that we had been making the entire time. But the funniest of all were the faces she made of surprise and confusion and realization... oh, I love Alexandra!

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