Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Friday, February 05, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #51 - Day #354 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 5, 2016

We got to go from Villanueva to SPS for a leadership meeting in the morning with Pres Dester, Hna Dester, the AP's, all the Zone Leaders, and the other pair of HLE.
Cool flower we saw while walking around

Random Galaxy Jesus poster in the bus... there was an Evangelical radio pastor yelling at us the entire bus ride... whoo
Our Leadership Meeting was actually a good meeting, I have a better understanding of what's happening in the mission and what we can do to be better HLE and normal working hnas. So that was pretty neat. Really long (about 3 hours of meeting), but we got lunch (chicken fingers and fries... Honduras style but still really good) as there was part two with all the DL's joining us for some further training-counseling-idea bouncing around. So we finally finished about 3:00 pm and then we all got back on the bus to head back down to Copan. Keep in mind that I was carrying my work backpack, plus my divisions backpack, and my giant Valentine's box that my family sent me! So it felt like I was carrying around 3 children, pretty fun.

LOVE Box from HOME!!
But around 6:00 pm we FINALLY got back to our beautiful house in El Dorado! It was hard being away for 3 days. Now, we normally won't do 3 days like that, but we figured it would be good to take advantage of the situation of being over there already. Anyways, it's good being an "alta autoridad".  Lots more work and responsibility, but it's a new way of doing things. Change is good.

However, the change in the weather was not good! Now it's all cold and cloudy again and Hna Cruz and I are freezing, it's awful! In fact, since we were carrying around our divisions backpacks this entire time, I lent my green microfiber towel to Hna Cruz to use as a poncho because it was so cold and she didn't bring a sweater. It actually coordinated with her shirt and kept her warm, so it all worked out well. Necessity is the mother of invention.

And as we were having lunch, Elder Mejia starting going around collecting the empty plates and calling "basura" or trash rapidly, so Hna Dester leaned over and asked me what he was saying, so I explained to her. Then she made a comment about how you can be sitting in Church and all of a sudden you hear some random guy yelling who knows what, selling stuff in the street. So then I did an imitation of this one guy you always hear selling fruits, and Pres Dester busted out laughing and said I did it exactly like they do. So that was a fun moment of the day, I like it when Pres Dester laughs. He squints up his eyes and throws his head back and he doesn't seem to have so much weight on him in that moment.

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