Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #52 - Day #361 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 12, 2016

Divisions! This time we went to Copan Ruinas, about a 1.5-2 hour bus ride from where we're at. Still cold. But the day went well, I was with Hna Farao from New Zealand with 15 months in the mission, and Hna Cruz went with Hna Poot from Mexico with 6 months.

Divisions with Hna Farao, Hna Mower, Hna Cruz, Hna Poot in Copan Ruinas
Had some good lessons, did some contacting, called some people to repentance, and slept on these really thin foam pads on the floor. Which was really cold.

Aaaaaand found a WHOLE bunch of churches:

- Iglesia Radio Manos de "Jesus" (it's a radio station that's also a church... interesting concept)
- Iglesia de Vida Abundante
- Iglesia Lineage Escogido (had a menora painted on the front)
- Templo Evangelico Amigos Restaurados
- Iglesia Bautista "Roca Eterna"

And apparently ducks make a panting sound. I did not know that previous to today.

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