Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #52 - Day #360 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 11, 2016

Weekly Planning! Lunch! Went to Santa Luz and visited some people there, then were trying to walk back to La Entrada and we ended up going the COMPLETE opposite direction... but now we know where Quebrada Seca is.
Us being lost on the way to Quebrada Seca

And some weird insects sucking prickly pear juice...
We were walking for about an hour and a half in the cold, but, a nice dog decided to accompany us for the ENTIRE time, so that was interesting. Just kinda walked by our side, or ran ahead and waited for us, or walked behind us, smelling stuff. Interesting dog. We figured that after walking with us for 20 minutes he probably wasn't going to bite us, so we just went along the rock road together. Weird.

In our trek to nowhere we found 2 other churches:
- Iglesia La Luz del Mundo (sounds like one I found in SC)
- Templo Fuente de Vida "Asamblea de Dios" (also one that sounds familiar)

So we finally got back safely to La Entrada, and went and visited Keyla and Alexandra, got some doughnuts from Wilmer, and did a lesson with an investigator family that makes tajadas and sells them. And that was pretty much it. Oh, I did see a lady on TV that had mouth cancer and had her upper palate, part of her cheeks and nose, and all her teeth removed. Made it kinda hard for her to talk.

And Hna Cruz celebrated our 1 Year in the mission! We picked today because we were in divisions the 4th when Hna Cruz would have celebrated, and we'll be in divisions when I celebrate the 18th. So the 11th is in the middle of those 2 dates. We had hot chocolate and played with funny hats.
Happy One Year!  Hna Cruz

Celebrating 12 months on the mission!!

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