Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #53 - Day #368 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 19, 2016

Today we did divisions in Dolores, in Santa Rosa de Copan, which is right next door to the area of Santa Rosa. Everything went well, it kept changing from cloudy to sunny and back again, and it was REALLY windy the entire time. And LOTS of ridiculously long and steep hillly mountain dust paths. That was fun. But I had a good time, got to machete a few people into paying attention to my companion of the day, Hna Rodriguez.

Divisions in Dolores -- Hna Rodriguez
I think she was a little surprised, but happy that they weren't so distracted afterwards. It's like swatting an impetuous child on the behind--except they're adults--and you use your words. And they're all shocked because I'm a gringa and can chew them out. Yeah.

Anyways, I loved being with Hna Rodriguez, Hna Cruz went with Hna Lopez, and she still doesn't have her voice, poor baby. She's still got a few days left for whatever this virus thing is to run its course. I'm almost fully recovered voice-wise, still have a weird cough every once in a while throughout the day. But I'm feeling much better. My hips and knees and feet are super tired from all the climbing up and down, but we're doing good.
Hna Lopez, Cruz, Rodriguez, Mower
And we're kinda happy because we only have Florida left to do divisions, and we'll do that on Tuesday, and then we're free for a week, I think, and then we have to go up to SPS again because it's the first Friday of March, and then the next week is changes. But we'll see if they move the Reunion de Liderazgo to the Friday after changes because a lot of the ZLs are finishing their missions this change. Ha saber.
Dolores, in Santa Rosa de Copan

But today we went to this one house for a visit, and there were SO MANY mosquitoes! I have never seen that many flying around all over the place and I saw them land on me. I promptly swatted them off, but I ended up with about 12 bites after being in that house for an hour. Ugh. And I have some on my hands so the skin on my fingers is tight and it hurts. I hate mosquitoes.

But we got pupusas for dinner, and then walked up another blessed hill (this time paved with rocks) to get up to the hna's house. Did our little planning-counseling-Q/A session, and we're getting ready for bed! It's honestly a little hard to sleep in a whole lot of different beds. And these past 2 divisions Hna Cruz and I were sleeping in the same twin sized bed due to the cold. So that's fun. Twin sized beds are small. But we're happy to be warm! We wrapped ourselves up in our blankets and laid there like cocoons.

And we found a few churches:
- Iglesia Centroamericana Renacer
- Iglesia de Cristo

Fun occurrence of the day: we were teaching a lesson and there was this little old grandpa working out back and then he walked in the house carrying a dead rat by the tail. He saw us there on the couch, froze, hid the rat behind his back, then walked back outside. So that kinda made me laugh. That sort of stuff doesn't make me squeamish but I just thought it was funny that he thought is was alright to carry dead rats around, just not if there's sister missionaries. Ah, Honduras. And we saw 2 dogs running around on a roof. That happens a lot, actually. I wanted to take a picture, but there were people around.

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