Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #50 - Day #349 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

January 31, 2016

It's the last day of January!  (note to Mom: if I misspell the month's names in English you can correct them, because my English spelling skills have left me at this point in time)  I feel like an accomplished human being! Now on to February. And then March, April, May, June, July, and August. Yup!

Today was interesting, we're working on our human relation skills, because apparently no one wants to talk to us longer than 6 seconds. But, that's alright.

Church was pretty good, got Keyla and Alexandra confirmed, so they're officially members now! Yay! Warm fuzzies. I'm excited to see hem continue to progress.
Hermana Cruz

And we came home and made tortillas fritas for lunch since we don't have any food and we we're tired. Tortillas fritas is sort of a fridge-cleaner sort of food, but it's really good. Take your corn tortillas and rip them into small triangles and toss them in a saucepan with oil. While those are warming up you can add salsa, cheese, onion, tomato, bell pepper, salt, little pieces of sausage or meat... basically whatever you want in there. Keep stirring it around and heating everything through, and that's it.  It's all warm and soft and filling. Me gusta! And to complement our lovely lunch, we watched Johnny Lingo! In Spanish, of course, but I haven't seen that movie in almost 2 years, I think, so it was really nice to watch it again. Hna Cruz has a lot of Church movies on her USB. So that was good.

And then we headed ourselves over to the Consejo de Rama, which we then waited about an hour and a half for them to tell us that we weren't gonna have it. Which bothered us a little because of the time lost, but we headed out again and started contacting.  (Have you noticed a common theme here?  Baptize your only progressing investigators and you gotta find some more people!)  Problem was, the light went out and it was dark, so we had to go back home as we were in the middle of a lesson we were able to be teaching. So we went back home. And got our candles out and everything and waited and talked, and then the light came back on! So we blew out our candles and got our stuff together, and in those 5 minutes the light went out again. So we lit the candles again and waited. And the light came back! So I quickly made some soup before the light went out so we would at least have something to eat. By then it was almost 8:00 pm, so we just ate our soup and did planning. This week the power has been going out almost every morning and throughout some of the afternoons. Which is kinda annoying. Because you can't cook (as we don't have a comal with fire or a gas stove... they're dangerous for missionaries) or heat water for your shower or work at night. So that's fun.

But, apparently I'm still talking in Spanish in my sleep. Hna Cruz said she woke up to me talking 3 times last night. So that's kinda funny that I still do that, even after all this time. And I dream in Spanish sometimes. Haha, my poor little brain!

But we're excited for tomorrow! I get to talk to ya'll again! And we're planning on going over to Tejute (I'm pretty sure that's how you spell that) tomorrow. So I'll take some cool pics of that. See ya'll!

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