Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Saturday, February 06, 2016 -- Month #11 - Week #51 - Day #355 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

February 6, 2016

Today we got to work in our area! Whoohoo! Went looking for some people that weren't there, and updated the calendar for the branch. Went over to Hna Aide for lunch, and came back and did some contacting and whatnot, and later on in the evening we went with Wilmer and Hno Francis and his son to go visit this one reference of a YM that we needed to get permission from his mother so we could teach him. She accepted, so now we can start working with Josue. So that was exciting to now have a definite that we can teach.
Found a PINK house!!
Funny story from this morning: we were taking the trash out to the street so our gate-metal door thing was open for a few seconds. Well, this cat from the street decides to just run into our house all over in every room, so I chased after it and got it back out the door outside. Random Honduras.

But, good news, after 20 years of life, I finally figured how to successfully put my hair up with a pen stuck in it. I feel like an accomplished human being.

We also somehow contacted the second most important guy here in town, second to the alcade, or mayor type of person, so that was interesting. His mom was a member, but now she's Evangelical and he never got baptized. He also is under the impression that the Church was founded by one of the local members here. Which isn't true. But we did a good contact with him and hopefully he can progress in the future.

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