Monday, December 28, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 -- Month #10 - Week #45 - Day #309 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

December 22, 2015

We're in the future!!! No, I actually was trying to type just the 15, but I hit the 4 key as well, and it made me laugh to think of ourselves 139 years in the future, so I decided to keep it. It's the little things!

Today was good, went over to District Meeting (15 mins walking) and received a Christmas-themed capacitacion, aka, we were given candy canes and we watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas. Sweet video, almost made me cry, but it was nice to see something like that from home. It's interesting, because in our district (of ourselves, the DL and his companion, and the ZL's... kinda reminds me of Santa Cruz, but there's only us 2 missionaries in the branch, not all 6) everyone is gringo-speaks English except for E Granja, one of the ZL's, so it was kinda like over in SC with Hna Escobar... I actually just made that connection.

E Purcell (ZL) is from New Zealand, is really big, and is going pretty gray already, it appears. Speaks English with actually a very small accent, I was surprised, all the over NZers I know have very strong accents and I almost can't understand their English. I get them better in Spanish.

E Granja (ZL) is from Ecuador, looks like a typical latino but is really, really big. He speaks and understands English perfectly, like E Lorenzana. Nice guy.

E Hadley (DL training newbie) is from Utah, blondie, blue-eyed, reminds me a little of E Oldham serving over in El Salvador. Problem is, I struggle to understand him on the phone. Mumbles and talks really fast. Nice enough guy, though.

E Poulson (newbie in training) came with Hna Mora, is from Utah as well. Dark hair, blue eyes, except his irises look small. I can't figure out why. Already knows a ton of Spanish so he came out with 2 weeks in the CCM. Is a motorcycle geek.

Hna Mora (my newbie in training) already has 2 months in the mission, so she's almost there! She's a cutie, from McAllen, TX, parents are from the DR and Mexico, she's fluent in English and Spanish, although is still learning las palabras catrachas (Honduran words). Dark hair, brown eyes, lighter skin but is still a little tanner than me.

So after District Meeting we went out to eat again to a new place we had found as we were working the other day. It sells a whole bunch of stuff, so Hna Mora and I got fried fish and the elderes got various types of grilled meat. It was a tad on the pricey side, but very good. So that was a fun lunch.
The fish place we found!
And my delicious fried fish!
And then we did a lot of visits, so that was good. Went over and got to know some recent converts and members that live over in la colonia Miraflores, which has flat parts for the fields, and a lot of hilly mountain things for where the houses are. So you've got to cross all the fields to get to the mountains, and then climb up the mountains, and go find this blessed little house. But that was fun, we brought out our flashlights again when it got dark and we still had to get back down.
Some scenery around our area

And for my dinner I made some twisty noodles with a seafood sauce packet, and some green beans with a little bit of lime juice. And drank a ton of water. I liked that dinner.

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