Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015 -- Month #9 - Week #42 - Day #294 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

December 7, 2015

No pics or super long updates this week, we've got changes tomorrow and it's been a hard week. But, general run down for you guys:

Monday, November 30: Pday, went up to eat wings and donuts in Villanueva, wrote to families, cleaned house

Tuesday, December 1: District Meeting, went out to eat again, taught a lesson, ran around doing errands in Centro, choir practice

Wednesday, December 2: went up to SPS again for some final medical exams for Hna Escobar, went around and contacted a bunch of people, had dinner in the church

Thursday, December 3: went and washed windows as service, ran a few more errands, had lunch, planned, did a visit, and taught a ward member how to use Excel

Friday, December 4: Did some visits, helped a little girl sell oranges in the street, helped make decorations for a Quinceanera party tomorrow, made caramel popcorn, had movie night

Saturday, December 5: helped wash a fridge, bought myself a blanket because it's cold (probably only like 70, but I'm freezing!), did some visits, made a balloon arch for the Quinceanera party, went and supported the elderes in a baptism, went back and finished all the decorations, braided 2 little girls's hair, and went to a birthday celebration by the Relief Society, got fed dinner

Sunday, December 6: went to church, had lunch, choir practice, ward council, Christmas devotional, clean house and pack

I'll send pics next week and any details next week :)

Also changes are tomorrow:
Hess: leaving
Lorenzana: staying as ZL
Bate: staying, will be DL, will train newbie
Ordonez: leaving
Escobar: leaving, closing area [Santa Cruz]
Mower: leaving, closing area [Santa Cruz], will train newbie in new area

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