Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015 -- Month #10 - Week #45 - Day #313 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

December 26, 2015

Today was Saturday... was a pretty good day. Had some more training stuff in the morning, then went over to our lunch appointment. Problem is that the lady lives like 20 mins away in bus, and she wasn't there. But she runs a pulperia, so the guy that was helping out there gave us some chips and Coke as our lunch for the time being. We started talking to him, and he's a pretty nice guy. We'll try to find him again next Saturday when we hopefully actually have lunch.
Our "lunch" of chips and soda!
And what pulperias can look like. It's like a store in a house.
Hna Mora
So after that we waited about 20 mins for a bus or rapidito to come by and take us back to El Dorado, and we found a place to eat lunch at, so that was good.
We went and actually got a lunch....chicken fingers!
By then it was like 3:30 pm, so we started walking all the way over to the church for the coordinacion misional we have with Wilmer, our Branch Mission Leader, and we got there on time. But, nobody had keys, so we waited another hour until someone finally went up to someone's house that had keys, and brought them to the church. So we all went in (because the youth were also waiting for mutual), and had our meeting with Wilmer. We worked a lot of stuff out, and have some good ideas ad starting places to help this branch and the mission work here.

And then we went and visited a little girl that was recently baptized and her family (who is also all baptized, but completely inactive), and we had a good lesson with them. And then we went home.

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