Sunday, December 20, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015 -- Month #10 - Week #44 - Day #305 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

December 18, 2015

10 months for me! Yay! I feel accomplished as a human being.

Today we worked, did some visits in the morning, and continued into the afternoon, so that was good. Mostly went and met the branch members, as we're kinda starting from zero investigator-wise. And I'm still getting to know the area, and Hna Mora doesn't know it super well, either, so we're both learning as we go. It's fun, we go exploring! And contacting as we go, of course, but I do like to get my bearings before I go charging into an area. It's all good.

And here the members always give us lunch (except Sundays, we actually asked off for that as it works with our Sunday schedule better), and it's actually really good food. So that is a fantastic advancement. Today we went and had a fillet of fish (that's like the 3rd time I've eaten fish in my whole mission, I miss fish!) with some kind of steamed leaf on top that tasted kinda like anise, and some normal white rice, red beans, the thick Copan tortillas and Coke. So that was a yummy lunch.

And people here use the word "chucho" for dog a lot, which makes a funny combination when you use "chuco" to describe it being dirty, so "chucho chuco" is dirty dog... try saying that 10 times, fast!

And we have interviews with Pres Dester tomorrow, so we had to go find out who had the building keys so we can unlock it tomorrow and get everything ready for that.
Hola everyone!

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