Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #63 - Day #436 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 27, 2016

And some weird clouds we saw as we were working. Really giant clouds.
Today... we went contacting in the morning to explore some of our area and found ourselves in the midst of a whole lot of Catholics. Not that that's a bad thing, but they are REALLY Catholic. We were invited into the house of this little old couple and I had never seen so many statues and candles and pictures and whatnot in a house before. Also, on 2 TVs, we watched part of the Misa de Colombia, basically there was a Mass (I think that's the English equivalent) in the country of Colombia and it was being broadcasted. Not sure why, but it was there. So that was very interesting. And we listened to the hna tell us all about her experiences with prayer, and how she had memorized the prayer of the Virgin of Carmen, and all that stuff. And the hno kept exclaiming "asi sea!" or "aleluya!" every few minutes. But we were able to share a short message with them and invited them to Church with us on Sunday. But they're not going to be able to go because they have Sunday School the same time we meet. But we can come by another day and visit them. Nice little grandparents. They gave us cookies and orange juice. But it was funny, because the hno had said that he is a night guard for a school nearby, and I asked him if it was tiring "Y hermano, no es cansado, va?" and he heard wrong and answered that of course he comes home and puts of the lock on the door "Como que no? Yo le pongo candado y me encierro!" He thought I had said candado when I said cansado. So that was kinda funny, Hna Cruz was laughing the entire time we were visiting them.
We were contacting around the Catholics and we found a house with this Christ Visiting the Americas picture... we thought it was a little odd that it was on the door, so we yelled buenas, thinking that they were members. Turns out they are definitely Catholics, and just liked the picture. Go figure.
But we got to eat lunch, so that was good, and we kept visiting our people in the afternoon, none of them are progressing, but we also helped out in the Noche de Hermanamiento. We've changed it to once a month, not once a week, and the branch leaders are in charge of it, not us. So that's a little less stress on our part. We're still supposed to do an activity of the Obra Misional once a month, but we'll do that on Saturday and we'll take care of April. The Relief Society shared a good message about find the lost sheep and the comparison between sheep and lambs and active members and new converts. So that was good.

And a huge nasty spider creature on the wall while we were eating lunch with Hna Olympia. Ick.
And, in news from Honduras, everyone has a rolled-up piece of corrugated roofing metal for the comal chimney. Usually is supported with some string tied to the ceiling holding the chimney (more like a smoke chute) at the appropriate angle. So that's an interesting little factoid. I'll have to get a picture of one sometime.

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