Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #62 - Day #428 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 19, 2016

Today was fun... we got to help manage changes! Whoo! The hnas from Copan Ruinas are closing area, so the two of them stayed the night with us with all their suitcases. So we got up early in the morning to help haul all their stuff to the bus and take Hna Mora home with us (Hna Bautista had changes). All 3 of us decided to take a nap, and then we had breakfast and talked about life and how things are going. It was neat to be with Hna Mora again! She's so sweet and I love her. But I made everyone pancakes and we got ourselves ready to go work for a few hours until the changes bus came back with all our new peeps. So we went around contacting and trying to find one of the members that is sick right now, but we were given bad directions. But we did manage to visit a different member that was sick, so we did something right! And then we went up to Mi Negro Bello to have lunch with the new missionaries in our zone, ran some errands, and then took another break at home. And we had Consejo de Rama tonight, instead of on Sunday, which was a fun change. So we did that for 2 hours, and we came home. Changes are always a weird day, I feel like I need to recuperate the entire week!

But, funny story, as we were lost with Hna Mora this morning we went around contacting, looking for the sick member, and we passed by a medical clinic. Awesome. We went around the corner and kept on going along, and yelled "Buenas!" to a few houses to call the people out (that's our version of knocking doors... you don't actually knock on the door 97% of the time, you just stand in the street and yell, hoping someone hears you) and we saw movement in a window further down the street. So we decided to head over to the window since we actually were quite lost and in need of direction. So we yelled at the window, and a nice-looking man in scrubs opened it and asked what we wanted. We introduced ourselves and he tried to help us out. The whole time I wanted to ask what kind of doctor he was and when he worked and where because we're always supposed to pick up on that sort of stuff to get to know the person quickly and to figure out when would be a good time to visit them in the future. But I didn't and we moved on. As we were walking away, Hna Cruz also made the observation that he looked like a doctor, and then we realized that the building we contacted was the medical clinic we had passed minutes ago. So we can officially say that we've successfully yelled at the window of a clinic and contacted a doctor that was probably busy with patients. So there you go. Missionary life!

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