Monday, April 11, 2016

Friday, April 08, 2016 -- Month #13 - Week #60 - Day #417 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 8, 2016

Aaaaaand our last stop if SPS! Had to get up at 6:00 am to get ready in time to catch a rapidito that passed at 7:00 am to get ourselves over to the Terminal (that's why we didn't get pics with Hnas Ordonez and Tajiboy, we left before they had gotten completely presentable) in SPS, buy myself a hair straightener and Hna Cruz a doughnut, then hopped on a bus that went to Choloma, hopped off at the 6th street, and walked 4 blocks to get to the Benque for the Leadership Meeting at 9:00 am. Yeah, we're awesome.

But the Leadership Meeting with President and Hna Dester and all the ZL's and the other HLE's went really well, we were able to agree on some reasonable and doable solutions to some issues we've been encountering. And President Dester gave us some wonderful words of counsel, and we listened to the testimonies of the ZL's that are finishing their missions in 2 weeks. So that was a really good meeting, we felt strengthened and refreshed a little bit. And I always love when we all sing the opening and closing hymn. That's probably my favorite part, to be honest.

And Hna Cruz and I continued hauling our stuff all over SPS as we walked over to the City Mall (where I always had lunch with Hna Robles when we were in the office doing paperwork) and I got myself a very nice BBQ chicken ranch salad from Wendy's... I miss salads! And President and Hna Dester also sat at our table and we got to talk for a little bit before they had to leave to run some errands. Then we met back up with the elderes and we hopped in another rapidito to take us back to the Terminal to get on a big bus that would haul us back to Copan in 3 hours.

So we did that, and finally got back home. Got ourselves a little unpacked, and headed back out to got find our citas. But we're home! We have crazy days planned for Saturday and Sunday, and then it's Pday again. Time goes a lot faster when you have to do divisions.

But, good news, I got my little Easter package from my family! So of course I opened it before the Leadership Meeting started and shared some of the jellybeans with Hna Cruz (who's never had jellybeans before and we were still really hungry) and played with the wind up chicken toy that lays bubblegum eggs. Hna Dester saw us playing and started laughing, saying that that was something her grandkids would love. So thanks for sending me that! And I loved the quote papers as well, I stuck one of them in my desk box so I'll see it all the time.

Good day overall, now we're just super tired and hungry and emotionally up and down, but we're good! Always takes a day or two to recover from divisions but we'll get back on track for another week.

I found a tiny little lime! It didn't taste like anything...disappointing.

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