Monday, April 18, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 -- Month #13 - Week #61 - Day #422 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 13, 2016

Wednesday! Also good day of work, we're trying to make everything count before we "lose" a day in divisions tomorrow. It felt a little calmer than yesterday, although we still walked 4.040 miles, burned 230.3 calories (I want to at least double that number due to the hills and backpack weight), and walked 8533 steps. Pretty neat to have a little pedometer thingy, huh?

But we ran by some people in the morning to try and set a cita for later that day, but they weren't able to, so we went around contacting and keeping tabs on people until lunchtime. Ate a lot and was still a little hungry afterwards, but I drank a lot of water and now I'm fine. Rested for a bit at home, applied sunscreen and bug spray all over and then went out to do some more work! Whoo! So we were able to teach some lessons and mostly visit with members today, we were lacking in those this week so far (all 3 days!) so we did that. And we did the drawing game again with Keyla and Alexandra, they loved it. They had been a little down lately, so it was good to have them laugh and be happy again. And their mom came out and joined us towards the end, so that was also a good sign. She's not a member and wasn't very interested in meeting with us, but I think it would be good to start working on her a little more.

And our last visit was with Cesia and Roning (Ronnie), but Roning had to visit with some guy friends, so we just talked to Cesia, who's also pregnant and the baby should be born sometime in April. So that was fun, they're a really good couple (we're trying to help them decide to get married), young and active, and have lots of good questions. And they've been getting some comments from people because they're listening to the Mormons and that we'll brainwash them and that we don't believe in God and whatnot (just FYI, none of that is actually true), but Cesia felt that their comments were ridiculous because she had listened to us and is reading the Book of Mormon and she knows that we talk about God and how important the Gospel is. So she defended us quite well. Go Cesia! Whoo! I love that lady.
Turtles in the pila of the house where we helped make ticucos (there were 7 turtles, I think)
But it's always fun when we come back a few days later after a contact (for example, a mom) to see if we can teach them, and then someone else answers the door (like the dad) and we're talking to them and ask if we can meet as well with the first person (the mom) and they (the dad) says no, they're not home, and then another person (a 3 year old child) runs over, starts playing with the dad's pant leg or their toy car, and then runs out, and then runs back in and starts saying "dice mi mama..." "my mom says..." and then the dad shushes the child and awkwardly we end the conversation... yeah, kids of definitely more honest than adults a lot of times. I love it when we contact a house and a kid comes out, "My mom says she's not home!" Haha, that's my favorite. Sweet little kids.

But yeah, overall good day, we're both super tired and we have divisions in Santa Rosa and Dolores tomorrow, we'll be in trios, so just 1 HLE with each companionship. Whoo!

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