Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #62 - Day #431 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 22, 2016

Today was Friday! Pretty calm day, we did some visits and walked all over the place.
Hna Cruz and I rocking it in Honduras!

And we got to help make tortillas again! So I enjoyed that. It feels like playing with clay. We also made flour tortillas with a member family later in the night to have baleadas, but working with flour tortillas stresses me out. So I'm happy with my little Copan corn tortillas! I know how to make the flour ones, but I need to practice more on how to stretch and form them well, and lay them on the comal to cook. Anyways, today was the day of tortillas.

Making baleadas!
And it's always fun to hear the different pronunciations of brand names... Neutrogena is "neh-oo-TROH-hen-ah". And all the spellings of names is different:
Yeimy = Jamie
Katterin = Katherine
Deyby = Davy
Lincy = Lyndsey/Lindsey
Eymy = Amy

And if you spell it Mary or Amy, you say "MAH-ree" or "AH-mee". But people can NEVER guess my first name. It's actually a funny game to play. For most of the member children it's the first thing they ask you. But you're not supposed to tell until you leave the area, so you make it a game to not be rude. "What's a name that starts and ends with A and has 6 letters? It's in Spanish as well and I've already met about 5 ladies that have my same name, so it exists in Honduras, I promise." They usually have no idea and start yelling random names that don't fit the rules I gave them. So they just keep thinking about it and every time we see them they have more names. It's kinda funny. Always keep them guessing!

I'm also trying to learn the YW theme in Spanish, since we visit a YW convert and we wanted to talk about the meaning of the theme with her. So I asked Hna Cruz to write it out for me to study as well. Also still working on the Articles of Faith. Lots of goals!

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