Monday, April 18, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 -- Month #13 - Week #61 - Day #421 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 12, 2016

District Meeting! Those are fun. We read a bunch of good scriptures that obviously had to do with missionary work, and did a whole lot of practices.
District Meeting!
And at the end Hna Cruz and I gave the elderes the catracho version of sweet potato pie that we had made in the morning beforehand (she'd been asking me to make the entire change, so we finally did!) and we all enjoyed that. Last time I made cinnamon apples since it was really cold at the time. We even called half the branch leaders to find out where the keys were and walked half a mile to get the special keys from our branch president so we could open the Church to then open the bunker to get the other special key ring to open the electrical closet to flip the fuse switch to turn on the oven in the church kitchen to toast the marshmallows on top of the dessert. Yeah, we're ultra security here. It actually makes me laugh sometimes. But it's pretty good humor here, just have to jump through a whole lot of hoops. But we got those marshmallows toasted in spite of everything, and everyone was happy.

So that was our crazy morning. But then we got lunch and then went to work! And we actually had a really good day. We got to teach quite a few people and set some more citas for this week. And we have 2 set members to leave with us on visits tomorrow! Whoo! Working with members is good. Especially if they offer to leave with you. Even more better.

News from Honduras: apparently there's still Crusades? I didn't know that was a thing still. Not the medieval type where you go around killing a bunch of people that aren't of your religion, but they're sort of like some Christian campaign to do something. I don't know. It's because we contacted this one young lady who's brother is a pastor, so she was telling us all about their ministries and whatnot. Very good people, all the same.

And we got to help make ticucos again! Whoo! I think that's honestly one of my favorite things about Honduras, and actually about Copan, since they don't make them anywhere else. It's so rhythmic and calm, it reminds me of how I feel when I crochet or fold clothes. I know that's kinda weird, but it's nice to have a relaxing activity in the midst of all the mission craziness, and there's tangible results that help someone out. So I personally love making ticucos. I don't really know how to make the masa (I know it has ground corn, kidney beans, loroco, chicken bouillon, salt...), but I'm really good at molding a ball of it, plopping it in the tuza (TOO-sah, it's a water-soaked corn husk), folding it up all nicely into a little pouch, and tying it off with another tuza strip. So I enjoyed that part of the day as well.

Oh, and due to all the sunblock and sweat and dust, I have a lovely little zit right between my eyebrows. And one on each cheek in the same spot. At least I'm symmetrical!

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