Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 -- Month #14 - Week #63 - Day #435 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

April 26, 2016

Zone Meeting! So we got to run all over creation to find the keys. We've gotten REALLY good at that. It's funny because technically Hno Jorge isn't supposed to lend the keys to anyone and he has to personally come down the big hill to the church and open the door and walk all the way back up the hill to his house, but he trusts us, so we get to walk up the hill to his house, grab the keys, walk back down the hill, do whatever activity, and walk back up the hill to give the keys back. I guess his trust is worth a few trips up a giant hill! If you need something to do with the oven or computer or office, that's a different story, but the normal stuff we need to do we can get done that way. And Hno Jorge is chill, we're buddies now. Even got to teach some of his less-active family members, so that's a big step. We'll keep working with them, they're good people. Just makes me smile every time I call him: "Hno Jorge, we need the church keys!" "That's fine, but you have to come and get them." "Alright, we'll be there in half an hour, thank you!" Yup.

But we had a good Zone Meeting, we FINALLY got everyone on the same page of how we're supposed to count dats. So that was wonderful. And as part of the ZL's training on the importance of working with members, poor Elder Bate got all covered in flour. We had the AP's in our Meeting so they could go and do divisions afterwards, but E Bate got picked on because he's the new AP after E Wight, and he's companions with E Nathan. The point was that he had to find a little candy in a bowl of flour without using his hands. He couldn't find it and got flour all over the place. But, with the help of a member that knows where the candy (investigator) is, it's a lot easier to find it and eat it (contacting/references). So that was an interesting dynamic.

And we ate together in Mi Negro Bello, as always, and I drank 2 sodas, all my portion, and half of that of Hna Cruz. I was very hungry. It kinda amazes me still that you can fit so much food in your stomach. And not just food, but you can easily fit a liter of water in there too. These days have been on the warm side, and I drink a lot of water. Normally .75 liter in the morning while studying after breakfast, another .5 liter working in the morning before lunch, about .75 liter of soda and .5 liter water for lunch, and 1-2 liters during the working day, depending on activity level and intensity of the sun. Then another .5 liter or so for our small dinner, and a few sips before bed. All in all, about 3.5-4.5 liters a day. And you just sweat it all out, I assure you. That's the fun part, haha!

 I also drink a lot of Aloe Vera juice stuff. It tastes like grape and helps replace lost electrolytes.
But in the afternoon we got to do some visits and talk with our Branch Mission Leader, which was good, and we went to the church and waited for the Consejo de Rama, but it never happened, so that was disappointing. So we visited an inactive member and finished the night.

But I liked a quote that some people around here say, "Hay que ser mansos, no mensos." Or, you should be meek, not foolish. Good counsel.

And I got a letter from my family that had the lovely quote from Jillian Michaels: "Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going." Thanks family! I stuck it on my wall. I haven't fainted or died yet, so I'm good!

In other news from Honduras, we had pastelitos for dinner tonight because the baleada lady didn't have baleadas, so that was really sad. She makes good baleadas. But in the pastelitos there was rice with little tiny bits of chicken. And I found a little rock! I felt like in Monty Python where that one knight is asking all the people what floats on water and someone answered, "Really small rocks?" Yeah. But that was a first. I can add really small rocks to my food list.

Also, we passed by this one lady to visit with her, and her grandkids and their friends were playing in a truck bed next to the house, and they all had their imaginary jobs and were making and eating imaginary food (I got a lovely pollo chuco (although they only say "pollo chuco" in SPS, nowhere else) and a strawberry ice cream) and running around, jumping and yelling and enjoying themselves. So that was really nice to see and be able to play a little bit with them. Have some normality in the midst of all the craziness. And, it was a good reminder that these are people as well and have normal lives and imaginations and do that same things that I do in my house at home.

And we found out (POR FIN) today that a lot of churches here are linked with "godparents" in the States that send them money and clothes or whatnot, so a lot of people aren't willing to leave their church because they'd lose the patronship of their godparent. Interesting angle that I hadn't really given much thought to before. But it makes sense. And it makes me sad. Somewhat of an obstacle for many to progress.

But, other than that, we're doing fine, good health, a little tired, and trying to get ready for divisions and an activity we're in charge of this week. Go team!

I got Celestialized!
Not really, just had way too much exposure in a picture I took.

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