Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 -- Week #24 - Day #162 - San Pedro Sula

July 28, 2015

Copan Ruins

Today we went to the Copan Ruinas!  It is Hna Dester's birthday today, and Hna Robles hasn't been to the Ruins before (because she's never left the city) so we drove the 3 hours down to Copan together with Pres and Hna Dester, had lunch at a favorite hotel of theirs, and hiked around the Ruins and it was awesome!
Happy Birthday Sister Dester!
On the way there, we passed these barbed wire fences where the people have cut green branches to make the posts, and then after a while they sprout more branches and grow into trees... neat, right?  It's actually quite pretty as we passed stretches with these orderly little trees growing on the side of the road. Go regenerative biology!

There were also a lot of police stops along the way as well, but since it was 3 white people and Hna Robles going to Copan Ruinas, they probably thought we were tourists and didn't give us any trouble. Normally when it's Pres and other elders in the car they pull them over and go through the car and ask a lot of questions. But with us they just said hi and waved us through. Good stuff.

On the way to Copan!

And in the ruins we met up with these 2 guys who are actually a pair of Swedish twins that were traveling around the world, they knew Swedish, English and the older one lived in Spain for 2 years, so he knew Spanish, and with their accent everything it was quite interesting. But they were very nice and interested, we ended up giving them a Book of Mormon (in Spanish, whoops) and explaining some about the Restoration and Church History. And a link to Lds.org where they can request a Book of Mormon in Swedish (or English, too, if they like) and visit with the missionaries. So that was pretty neat. I think Hna Dester was really excited to talk to someone in English for so long, Pres and I did a mix of English and Spanish, and Hna Robles in Spanish. And then one of the brothers talked to his other brother a little bit in Swedish, so we had a nice mix of all 3 languages in that conversation.

And we made it home around 7:00 pm and got a lesson with Sara in, so we had a pretty good day all around.

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