Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 -- Week #21 - Day #142 - San Pedro Sula

July 8, 2015

It rained again! This time more towards the evening, so it was dark and wet as well. We were walking all over creation, and didn't find many people to teach because nobody goes outside when it's raining. But we did somehow manage to teach just about everyone we had planned for in the afternoon, so that was awesome.

Had some hospitaling and officing in the morning, what's hard is when the citas are first-come-first-serve, so you have to get there early, and you still wait for an hour to get in. Yeesh.  Although we can usually have a set appointment, and those usually go a little faster.

Random fact, I miss bacon.  Don't really have it here like they do back home, as far as I can tell. If there's one thing I miss, is family breakfasts (or breakfast for dinner! Also something we always did) with pancakes and whipped cream and hash browns and bacon and orange juice and everything... oh, that's really good. My family members always have mini chocolate chips in their pancakes, and only mine without, as I usually prefer un-chocolate-chipped pancakes. And we'd always go to great lengths to insure equal distribution of the bacon... that was fun.  We're very good at dividing improper fractions and such!

Also, I finally wizened up (after 3 months) and brought my jacket to leave in the office, as it is full of AC and I freeze every time we're there. So I was quite pleased with myself as I was making copies and filling out papers... Hna Robles got a good laugh. But it's a serious issue, you know, and even E Nunez and E Miguel had their little sweaters on, too. Apparently the thermostat's set to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but it feels a lot colder, and that little vent keeps turning on every few minutes and blows all my papers around. Silly AC.

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