Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015 -- Week #21 - Day #144 - San Pedro Sula

July 10, 2015

Rained again... I think it's very safe to say that we've entered the rainy season. So we alternate between it being relatively cool and raining to being very hot and humid with very strong sun. Sometimes in the same day. Definitely recommend having one of those small, compact umbrellas in your backpack at all times because you honestly don't know when it decides to rain.  Although Hna Robles is happy as a clam to walk in the rain and get soaked, so whatever floats your boat!

Today was good, most of our plans fell through, but we still taught some good people, and found a pulperia that sells the most fabulous coconut topo gigios, so we were pretty thrilled to have that bright spot in the day (it was hot before it rained around 6:00 pm) as we were walking all over creation.

In news from Honduras, there is a new Zika virus that's going around that's basically the same as Chikungunya and Dengue, but you get pinkeye as well. Weird, right?

We also passed by the Baede family (they're members) and they have 29 baby turtles!!! Ah! So cool! They found one of them last week, and then all of them hatched this week, so I got to hold one for a few minutes and it ran all over my hand with it's little feet. Their shells are about the size of a silver dollar and are a beautiful, clear green and yellow... that made me pretty happy!

In study time this morning, I read Bishop Gerald Causse's General Conference address entitled "Follow the Path of Happiness" and it was pretty awesome. I loved that he said "God will send you tangible signs of His existence and His love for you."  Which is very true. We are blessed through the guidance and reassurance of the Holy Spirit, and we also enjoy physical blessings that we can see and hold and use and talk to, whether it be having children in your family, a job to provide for yourself, food given to you when you don't have the means, a visit from a friend in happy times or in harder times, the earth we live on, the beds we sleep in, good grades after studying after studying all we can, playing with pets... how many blessings we have from a loving Father in Heaven is infinite. And we have these things that we may help others and thereby their lives may be blessed.  It's a circle of love and service. Neat, huh?

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