Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015 -- Week #22 - Day #154 - San Pedro Sula

July 20, 2015

Today I think we had the best Pday I've had so far. We got the whole zone together, and went to a park, had a barbecue, and played volleyball. Isn't that so awesome?!
Our awesome Zone Activity!
That was my first big activity as a zone, so I was pretty happy that it all worked out. Got a little bit sunburned again, but I'm just a little pink. Back home you could feel the sun, and it was really bright and all, but here you can actually feel it pushing on you, and it's a lot more intense. That's what you get for being closer to the equator. I wonder what it's like in Brazil or Ecuador... eeep!

Also, as we were having our fantastic activity, a 5 foot iguana just ran past our group and skittered (although I don't think 5 foot iguanas really skitter) up a giant mango tree. Some of the elders started following it as it was running around, but no one could climb that tree, so it was safe. but yeah, that was pretty interesting. I love how they run, they just kinda rotate their limbs in their sockets, and they appear to be swimming along the ground. It almost looked like a small Komodo Dragon lizard from where I was, it was so big, but it is FAST. Go check out some vids of iguanas running, crazy stuff.
Also taught some lessons, of course, and found out that Carlos likes to listen to classical music, of all things. So we share that in common, thought that was kinda funny. I have absolutely no idea of where he can listen to it, but I wish him luck! I kinda miss listening to normal music, but it's all good. Most of what we pass by in the streets and taxis and buses-rapiditos is Evangelical, assorted pop songs, hard rap (in English and Spanish, I don't know what the genre's actually called, but it's the angry, not clean kind of rap), Reggae ton (which I secretly love, but you gotta be careful with some of the songs) and whatever's on the TV (usually a futbol match). And if you go out to eat, usually it's popular songs from back home in English. At home, of course, we listen to Church related songs, which are a lot calmer and it's a little easier to understand all the words (mostly because I've listened to the same 14 songs everyday for 5 months, you start to pick up on the words eventually).  But yeah, it's all good. 

There's also this cool Mormon Message called "Moments that Matter Most" I think, and it's with slow-mo clips of stuff that happens in life, there's another one similarly titled, which is also good, but I like this one better. Try to look it up sometime, we watched it while eating lunch the other day.  click:  "Moments that Matter Most"

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