Monday, July 27, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015 -- Week #23 - Day #158 - San Pedro Sula

July 24, 2015

Today we had some more hospitaling and officing, and taught some good lessons today, so that was fun. Been having some weird health stuff lately, but everyone should be ok... gotta love Honduras!

In way of interesting stories, one of the elders was a model before he came on the mission, supposedly, so that's interesting. Also, another elder found a marble and then got it stuck up his nose. And another pair of elderes licked rat poison pellets, thinking they were candy.  They're fine, but everyone was freaking out for a few hours. Silly elders. It's amazing how the human mind works sometimes.

I also heard that the people of science have discovered a new, habitable planet named Kepler186f, fact check that for me, please. I didn't get the whole story on that, but apparently it's a little bigger than Earth, and has a similar atmosphere? Interesting.  click:  Earth size planet 
 I don't know if I've already mentioned this, but it's rare to see a laptop or computer here, I was honestly super surprised when one of our investigators pulled one out so we could watch one of the videos we brought. Technology! Made me think of the plethora of phones and tablets and laptops and TVs and gaming thingies that everyone has back home, felt kinda weird. Most people don't have internet in their homes or phones, there's places scattered around that have like 20 computers and you can print and scan and access the internet over there, pretty much never in someone's house. So that's a different take on that concept. Not quite so individualized in computer usage here. Actually, pretty much nothing is individual, everything is everywhere for everybody, whatever it is. Lots of person-person contact and bubbles don't exist... everyone's business is everyone's business.
Also, sonpopos are giant ants that like to get stuck (actually they stick their heads in and then cling on with their mandibles) in the little holes in my brown shoes I usually wear, wriggle around, flail their limbs about, and then die when I try to get them out of my shoe. They also bite, but I've been fine so far, they're mostly a nuisance because I have to pick out these giant ant bodies from my shoes with a small stick that I have to go find somewhere. Ugh. Apparently they are cooked and eaten in the forest region of Peru, according to Hna Robles, so that's a fun little factoid. Sonpopos...

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