Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015 -- Week #23 - Day #160 - San Pedro Sula

July 26, 2015

Okeydokey, today was Sunday! I love Sundays... it's very hard to find all your people to teach, but Sundays are still the best. Thank goodness for church.
My hair flowers from Sunday, they're so pretty! (thanks Mom!)
Today's topic was tithing and fast offerings, it was interesting that one of the speakers pointed out that this is the only commandment where the Lord basically says "Try me". The commandment to honor your parents brings the promise of long days upon the land, but paying tithing has the direct commandment, challenge and promise of so many blessings to where we won't be able receive them all right now. Neat, huh?

News from Honduras: it's still hot. We had some rain the other night, but lately it's been very clear and very, very sunny.  But that's alright.  Every year it's hotter, and the rain comes later, but by October-ish it should not be quite as hot. Anyways.

Patty's mom died this morning, (Patty is one of our investigators), so we were pretty sad about that. She had cancer and had problems with her lungs, been in the hospital and on oxygen for a few weeks now, and so she passed on early this morning. We went by to offer our condolences and let Patty talk to us, we'll visit her during this week as well. There have been so many deaths here, every other week we hear of someone dying that either we know our investigators know.  Pucha.

In other news from Honduras, there's a lot of jobs that require soldering work, and the way that happens is that they hook a jumper cable up to a car battery and stick the little metal rod in the clamp, and that's what they use to solder. Very interesting to watch, I didn't know that you could do that. It's also very bright, but sometimes the people don't use the mask-shield-thing to protect their eyes, and so they get damaged from the light, and also sometimes the sparks fly up into their eyes and cause problems as well. Also interesting to note.
We have a Jamaican buddy that always says hi when we pass by where he works, so that always makes me smile. Actually, he's Honduran, but he has really long dreadlocks and always wears his brightly colored Rasta cap and says assorted English phrases (so far they're clean, thank goodness, it's quite refreshing to just hear nice English instead of bad words and ridiculous requests), mostly "goodbye", "hello", "nice to see you") with a Jamaican accent. Good fellow to have around.

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